SUPER GRAPHICS! Vintage 1990s 'DESERT/GLASSES' Terry Tank T-Shirt

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We're in the business of inspiring... mostly designers... and you.  Though it didn't come from us, this is the perfect easy example of a modern company using a vintage item for design/graphics inspiration.  This graphic is from the 70s and this company did just that... but we'll admit it... it's great, even if it the vintage inspiration didn't come from us!  

SUPER GRAPHICS! Vintage 1970s 'DESERT/GLASSES' Terry Tank T-Shirt
Style #:  V3PT79

Label:  U.S. RAGS
Manufactured:  USA
Fabric:  Cotton Terry
Color:  Pale Orange | Brown
Condition:  Very Good Used Vintage
Size:  L
Bust:  15"
Length:  21"

NOTE:  All measurements are approximate bests with 1/2"-1" leeway. Double measurements for Bust, Waist, Hip, Thigh, Across Bottom and Bottom Opening as Applicable.


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