RARE Vintage 1940s NOS Palm D'Or Floral Bark Cloth Style Fabric (2 1/2 Yards)

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The original barkcloth fabric was literally made from the bark of trees in the South Pacific, hence the name.  As time went on, it could be produced in sufficient quantities to meet volume demands and the term barkcloth was borrowed to describe fabrics made from the 1930s to 1960s to resemble its thick, nubby weave.  Some were made of cotton or rayon (or their blend) but were innately of a softer hand or of a crepe-like feel who's ability to drape made it popular for decorating.  Today it is also made of other fibers including linen, polyester, and fiberglass depending how old the fabric is.


RARE Vintage 1940s NOS Palm D'Or Floral Bark Cloth Style  Fabric (2 1/2 Yards)
Style #:  V3PTEX45

Label:  Not Available
Manufactured:  Not Available
Material:  Appearing to be a Rayon Bark Cloth or Bark Cloth Style Fabric
Color:  Black | Multi
Condition:  Excellent Vintage (Appearing Unused)
Width:   46"
Length:  2 1/2 Yards (Actual Total = 94")

NOTE:  All measurements are approximate bests with 1/2"-1" leeway.



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