RARE Out of Print Vintage Architecture Book Lot
MCM Guadi Le Corbusier Neutra Sullivan

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Nice grouping of six out of print books on some of our favorite architect icons:  Richard Neutra, Le Corbusier, Gaudi and Sullivan.  Perfect for any design loving, book collecting architecture aficionado.

RARE Out of Print Vintage Architecture Book Lot incl MCM Gaudi Le Corbusier Neutra Sullivan Each w/ Photo Plates +/or Illustrations
Item#:  V3PBOOK105

Lot Includes:
1)  Title: Neutra: Survival Through Design  (Soft Cover/384 Pages/ Near New )
2)  Title: Louis Sullivan  (Hardcover/128 Pages/Near New)
3)  Title: Richard Neutra  (Soft Cover/128 Pages/Very Good)
4)  Title: Le Corbusier  (Soft Cover/158 Pages/Very Good)
5)  Title:  Gaudi  (Hardcover/58 Pages/Near New) 
6)  Title:  Antonio Gaudi  (Hardcover/136 Pages/Near New

Condition:  All Book Interiors are Near New or Very Condition Some w/Discoloration from Age.  Any Further Wear is to Book Jackets/Covers from Normal Use + Aging.  Please See All Photos + Ask Questions)

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