RARE Designer Vintage 1970s NOS COUTURE COLLECTION Spectator Open Toe Pumps Shoes

$ 125.00


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Honestly... these were purchased from an original and amazing NYC babe who turned it all up as a disco diva on the dance floor at Studio 54.  They don't make them like they used to... too bad.

RARE Designer Vintage 1970s NOS COUTURE COLLECTION Platform Open Toe Pumps Shoes
Style #:  V3PSHW57

Manufactured:  USA
Material:  Patent Leather
Color:  Maroon
Condition:  Very Good Unused Vintage (Inner Sole has Drying and Cracking from Age/Storage)
Size:  5 1/2
Length (Inner Bottom Sole):  9 1/2"
Widest Width (Outer Bottom Sole):  2 7/8"
Heel Height:  4 1/2"

NOTE:  All measurements are approximate bests with 1/4"-1/2" leeway. 


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