Hourly Session | Any Archive
(With $100 Rental Credit=Final Cost $250)

$ 350.00


NOTE:  Currently ONLY our ACCESSORIES Archive is Available.  Our FOOTWEAR and APPAREL Archives launch Fall/Winter 2018 respectively and are blocked from purchase at this time by indicating 'Sold!' when clicked.
  • Exclusive passcode entry to either our ACCESSORIES, FOOTWEAR or APPAREL Archive for one purchaser/email address for ONE HOUR of research with a $100 CREDIT toward a subsequent archive item rental .
  • 24/7/365 ... ANYTIME from ANYWHERE in the world... archive access.  Convenient, easy and flexible... schedule your research time to suit YOUR needs with NO inspiration travel expenses and NO time away from the office and NO dusty rakcs or piles to sort throurh!
  • The ability to research an archive's entire collection with each item fully detailed with up to eight photos from all pertinent angles per item and all available labeling, manufacturing and measurement details

        1. Select your 'Archive' choice and the 'Number of Hours' you wish to research, click 'Add to Cart' and proceed to Check Out.
        2. In the 'Special Instructions for the Seller' box, indicate the day/hour you wish to access the archive allowing 48 hours between purchase and start time for order processing.
        3. You will receive an email confirmation of your order and time slot with your time activated passcode, your $100 rental credit code and archive entry instructions.  (Changes to your archive time slot must be requested 24 hours in advance of your session's confirmed starting time.)
        4. Passcodes are good for one time, continuous hourly research.  Once activated, individual passcodes can not be reset.  There are NO partial sessions and NO partial session credits.
        5. While researching, items you wish to rent on a monthly basis should be added to your cart.  When your research time is complete, you can simply check out, applying any applicable credit code to your rental order.
        6. Archive pages are printable via you own browser's tool bar.  Individual site images are save/transfer/download protected and may be purchased separately in jpeg format. (See purchase option #3 SIngle Item Detail Page Package)
        7. All archive service purchases and rentals, their fees and their Terms of Use are final and non-negotiable.  Please read our complete WEBSITE TERMS & CONDITIONS OF USE for further details.  Your final purchase will serve to confirm that you have read and agreed to them in full.


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