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Quietly Inspiring Winning Fashion Concepts, Products and Brands... and Those Who Bring Them to Life
One of Fashion's Most Outside Insiders... and Best Kept Secrets

What can we say about VIA VTG VOX POP's Founder and Creative Director, Suzanne McCoy Fitschen, that doesn't instantly resonate when you meet her?  Graced with an enviable sense of downtown chic and down-to-earth, professional savoir faire, it comes as no surprise that Suzanne's personal style and life/work exuberance feel subtly magnetic.

Knowing friends, colleagues and clients liken her eclectic appeal to fab  interior designer Kelly Wearstler, Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, the one and only Gwen Stefani or stylist turned entrepreneur Linda Rodin, but we say no comparisons needed.  Though modest as to her own effect, she is her own admirable force.  It's not only her illusive metered 'cool' and independent style fortitude that elicit such admiration.  It's the fact that she's a self-made entrepreneur and a fashion industry insider who has daringly worked career long from its outer edge.  Quietly, sans ego or spotlight... until now.

While Suzanne's intelligence-infused creative and entrepreneurial essence are currently entwined in VIA VTG VOX POP, her story of influence reaches back to the creative heyday of 1980s NYC.  Fortuitously propelled from work as a Fashion Editor/Stylist to become Creative Director for the legendary, downtown retailer CANAL JEAN CO, her true calling became clear and she never looked back. Pioneering trendsetting concepts in product design, private label, branding, guerrilla-marketing and public relations, she discovered strength in her own abilities and convictions, a gift for inspiring both people and design and a deep penchant for living an inventive, out of the box and ahead of the curve life.

She went on to found and lead several businesses to industry wide notoriety and assist such corporate giants as Reebok and Simple Shoes in finding their way in the burgeoning 1990s women's footwear market.  
Today her leadership is the #1 inspirational force at VIA VTG VOX POP, not just to our team but to our clients... from Chloe to Alexander Wang, Tory Burch to Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton to Gucci, Zara to Target just to name a few.

Though fashion has been the landscape of her life's work, Suzanne is happy not to be of expected conventional mindset in its regard.  After all, her favorite designer is Mother Nature, her favorite accessory a smile and her favorite trends deal with re-imagining the USA health care system to include better recognition and care of the full spectrum of mental health needs, especially for the young and abused, those older and struggling with finding their way and the elderly suffering from dementia.

All things considered, Suzanne is a perfect example of what we champion as a 'style definer'... someone who fully encompasses the word 'style'... simply and innately... in how they work, dress and live.

Suzanne McCoy Fitschen:  VIA VTG VOX POP's Founder + Creative Director VIntage NY TIMES Graphic That Looks Like Suzanne McCoy Fitschen Suzanne in Her Favorite Accessory... A Smile!


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