“It’s a very weird time.
I feel disconnected, like I don’t see anything in this day other than the Internet as being a thing.
I feel out of touch with what today really looks like."

(Interview In Style Magazine 08.2017)



We hear you Marc.  We're emotional gauges too.  A thermometer and a barometer in one.  How we are feeling measured in personal degrees and worldly atmospheric pressure combined.  With all the ways to connect, we feel a bit 'disconnected' too.

That doesn't mean we are lost.  We're just finding our way... which always leaves the door open for exciting, new discovery.  To that mindset, 'UN-COMPLICATED' is the one word that resoundingly sums up how we are feeling we need to live our daily lives (style and otherwise) right now.

UN-COMPLICATED doesn't mean easy in a lazy or non-caring kind of way.  It means just the opposite... an efficiency in effort to make anything, including looking and feeling great, simpler to accomplish. 

The key to this in how we dress is having 'great' pieces to do so with.  And the key to 'great' pieces is buying things we love. When you love something you innately elevate its value quotient and find deeper satisfaction in it or in its use.  In how we dress, that translates to a more meaningful, creative, even fun endeavor, not merely the physical action of getting dressed.   

Our UN-COMPLICATED Lookbook illustrates just that mindset by pairing great pieces we love... a vintage 80s GIGLI legging pant, an original 90s HELMUT LANG black denim jean jacket or a fantastic 70s crochet poet sleeve sweater... in dressed up or dressed down combinations we love too.  In doing so, each vintage piece magically loses its vintage identity just enough to become renewed in a modern, timeless and even seasonless way. 

We've even supported our styling efforts with things we don't actually sell, but we simply love.  Pieces so perfectly UN-COMPLICATED we just had to have them be our first STYLE-O-MATIC feature ever... the indispensable basic components of the MOSSIMO SUPPLY BASIC T-BODY COLLECTION at TARGET.  If you aren't familiar with them already, what are you waiting for?!  (See why we love them so as styled in many outfits below and on our current STYLE-O-MATIC page.)

Let us know what you think on all.  We're eager to hear from you!


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