VIA VTG VOX POP Says: Work hard, dance with abandon and always be there 100% for your clients
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We say work hard, dance with abandon and 
always be there 100% for your customers and clients.


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We love sharing expert tips and inspiring how to’s on style, styling, vintage shopping, the fashion industry, female entrepreneurship and more.  If you’d like our professional input for your next article, please contact us HERE noting the word 'EDITORIAL' in the Subject Line.

Our proven strength is in uncovering and initiating great product design ideas for fashion's top names that not only address modern consumer wants and needs, but leads trends in doing so.  We can assist you in conceptualizing and developing products that do both in everything from bags to sweaters, footwear to outerwear, hair accessories to sportswear.  In fact, we have an arsenal of them ready for savvy interpretation!  If winning product concepts are what you are looking for, email us HERE noting 'PRODUCT' in the Subject Line.

If you like the work you see here on our site and are seeking professional styling, merchandising, trend forecasting, vintage reference or creative direction services for your own business's design strategy, website or advertising and marketing campaigns, email us HERE noting 'CREATIVE SERVICES' in the Subject Line.

A closet full of clothes, but still don't know what to wear?  Simply looking  to amp up your style quotient?  Fear not.  We can help.  If you’d like to secure our customized professional services to help you organize your closet, look your best daily or for a special event or simply to shop for vintage, email us a brief note HERE on what you are interested in accomplishing noting 'PERSONAL STYLIST' in the Subject Line.  We're always excited to be of help!

We are always interested in working with talented, like-minded, go-getters, including stylists, models, photographers, social media specialists and writers who understand the special needs of a young business and want to get in on its early stage growth potential while gaining exposure for their own work.  As well, we are always open to great ideas from and collaborative projects (creative, business, social interest, events, etc.) with like-minded businesses.  Should you have something you would like to propose, please email us HERE noting 'COLLABORATE' in the Subject Line.

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