<strong>Winter 2017 |  ON BEING YOU<br></strong>Thoughts on You, Style and the World You Spin In

Winter 2017 | ON BEING YOU
Thoughts on You, Style and the World You Spin In

This is our first official JOURNAL post and though its subject matter may seem random to our work at VIA VTG VOX POP, that couldn't be further from the truth. Why? Because when we think of STYLE and how it is defined, we think of PEOPLE first, not clothing.

It's a bit presumptuous to think that style is just a fashion force when in actuality it is expressed in many important ways and layers in our lives. And, even if the use of things recycled and with unique history (vintage!) is one of our favorite forms of stylish self expression, we truly champion them all.

In their music video for LOSE IT by OH WONDER, the London based alternative pop duo invited five dancers to audition for the video, but what they didn't reveal was that they would actually be starring in it.

The result, both joyous and uplifting, proves that even if awkward at first to feel so singular, once embraced, one's individual style power allows you to become that important missing element of something bigger.  YOU claim the unique role of YOU in the world you spin in... just as the dancers do here.

So... you know that sense of inhibition you sometimes have about letting go a bit and creatively expressing yourself in a way that is different in a world that most encourages ubiquity and you to be like everyone else... go on, lose it.  There's room for all of us.  You'll be glad you did.


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