<strong>Summer 2018 | HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AMERICA<br></strong>The New Pollution l Beck l 1997

The New Pollution l Beck l 1997

It's the 4th of July 2018... the USA's 242nd birthday.

That made us think of how we feel about our country and our own place in it and the world right now.  Somehow BECK's fantastic, stylistic, tongue-in-chic 1997 'NEW POLLUTION' song and video kindof feel to reflect our feelings... namely, an overwhelming compulsion for the ability to break on through. 

Do click on thru to the full post here and have a watch.  We know you will love it's cheeky perspective on alternative viewpoints, style and our crazy world at large as much as we do.  

<strong>Winter 2017 |  ON BEING YOU<br></strong>Thoughts on You, Style and the World You Spin In

Winter 2017 | ON BEING YOU
Thoughts on You, Style and the World You Spin In

Hello... and thank you for taking the time to visit us here!

This is our first official JOURNAL post and though its subject matter may seem random to our work at VIA VTG VOX POP, that couldn't be further from the truth. Why? Because when we think of STYLE and how it is defined, we think of PEOPLE first, not clothing.

For us, there feels to be no more validating an example of the beauty in celebrating individual style than the music video for LOSE IT by OH WONDER.  We invite (well, implore!) you to click through and see for yourself why.