THOR the Dog of Thunder... VIA VTG VOX POP's Favorite Vintage Loving Customer


BOW WOW... WOW!  This little guy.  If a photo is worth a thousand words, we've hit the jackpot with the currency on this one.

Meet THOR! The cutest vintage loving customer we've ever had the pleasure of servicing.  His name, the sole reason we met.  The name on that terrific 1970s Strawberry Blue Leather Co. red, tooled leather dog collar we'd held onto for nearly a decade waiting for its rightful owner to appear... against all odds... until they did.


(Main Photo: THOR at 3 1/2 Weeks Old | Additional Photos: THOR at 6 Weeks Old)

Of course, he'll have to grow his half black Golden Retriever, half German Shepard/Husky heritage into it but we can't help but want to follow that progression.

You see, THOR is not just extra cute, he hails from an extra special place. An isolated sub-Artic hamlet in Canada's remote northernmost region.  A hamlet called Nunavut only reachable by plane.  With no paved roads nor door-to-door mail delivery, THOR's owner had pre-assured us our package would reach her safely... the two women working in the only post office know her well.  They did, it did.

Even if I'm the only one who finds all this fascinating... that's enough.  I have added reason to be spellbound-ish.  It's that random book sitting quietly on my bookshelf ever since I purchased it 20 years ago in the Strand's bargain basement.  The one with the beautiful black+white photos of Intuit life in the 1940s/1950s in an isolated sub-Artic hamlet in Canada's remote northernmost region... Nunavut!  (Today there are eleven indigenous Inuit tribes there compromising 92% of the total 2000+ population.)

What are the odds of all this coming so full circle. Now you know what, turns me on... besides beautiful vintage design! ;)

All hail THOR!


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