<strong>Spring 2018 | STYLE-O-MATIC 'INSTANT STYLE MAKER' PICK #2<br>Sock It to Us Please FOREVER 21!

Sock It to Us Please FOREVER 21!

Accessories are for a-c-c-e-s-s-o-r-i-z-i-n-g… and we find joy and happiness in the daily ability to up our style game with their simple addition.  Wwrn strategically they are our go-to style definers, whether blending in with, as a focal point for or setting the tone of any outfit. 

Consider a scarf or a tie, a necklace or a hat, a pair of shoes or socks.  Socks?!?  Yes, S-O-C-K-S!  We're not talking about the current trend for whimsically patterned or mismatched socks we wholeheartedly endorse for children or the recent liberation of men's hosiery into a more playful range of options in color and pattern.  We're talking about socks of a tres chic aesthetic for women which paired with the right footwear can change a look's vibe in an instant.

This concept is not new… nor does it have the start and expiration date of a trend.  (Great style definers work outside time's boundaries, but find interpretation relevant to a given time period!)  In the 50s, chunky socks were the rage paired with flats.  In the 60s, hosiery manufacturing grew more experimental and so was how we wore socks mixing novelty patterns and textures with shoes of all heights.  The 70s took that vibe one step further with the Ossie Clark, Mary Quant and Biba girl looks which often accented 40s style, pretty soft dresses with socks with heels.

Then in the 80s, Versace made that same look uber modern and sexy with bold colors and super short, tight skirts emphasizing legs for days on top super models.  Most recently, Prada, Miu Miu and Bottega Veneta have applied the concept in their collections with menswear inspired socks of varying patterns, fabrications and heights that play with both color and texture.

Any (or all!) of these looks work depending on who you are style-wise (always or on any given day!) and the myriad of today's sock options should empower you to explore them within your own personal vibe.  For us, there is no better place to find the perfect options than at FOREVER 21.  That's why...


Inherently, we are not fans of the revolving mill of fast fashion and the inherent disposability factor built into its products to drive continued sales.  However, we do believe there are frequent gems in the collections of such retailers that DO encourage value through affordability and repeat usability.  FOREVER 21's fashion sock collection happens to be a perfect example of such.

Just like our STYLE-O-MATIC Pick #1… the Mossimo T-shirt collection at TARGET... the low cost, high relative quality and number of style options (fishnets, patterned, lace and ruffle trimmed, sheer, smocked, striped, etc.) of FOREVER 21's fashion sock selection meets all the right criteria for experimental cool girl styling.  As proof, see the look applied in our recent vintage designer dress product features using their fishnet socks… then go buy a pair or two and try it out yourself!  You'll be amazed at what the less than $10 cost can do!

PS:  Like any more delicate apparel or accessories, we do suggest you do take the time to handwash such items to preserve the longevity of their fabrications!   


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