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Ever since the proliferation of black apparel in the 1990s, the saying something is the 'new black' has been the go-to mantra for fashion soothsayers proclaiming the next big trend has arrived… and you need to know about it NOW. With the current (dare we say renewed) fascination in all its incarnations and applications, if anything deserves to be crowned with the dubious honor of being the new black (of 2019…and way before and beyond), it's VINTAGE.

If you use the internet and are remotely fashion savvy (or at the least buy and wear clothes!) then it's impossible not to be aware of the uber heightened buzz vintage is getting across the fashion related web. It's become the darling thrill enhancer for an industry struggling to keep up with the modern world's changing outlook on clothing and dressing... one that still needs and relies on a what's next ethos to draw people in and sustain its financial cycles. 

Fashion's elite press (, Refinery 29, …), leading brand name retailers (Madewell, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, …) and the plethora of self-anointed fashionistas of all variables (bloggers, street style icons, …) have all taken to referencing vintage/vintage looks/vintage style as a formidable design and style draw to further their own products, ideologies and businesses. Whether loudly proclaimed or subliminally inspired by, there is no doubt that the magnetic draw of vintage is of influence in re-energizing today's fashion world. 

Why does the past of the industry work so well for its present… and why now in such increasing proportions? Here are the top five irrefutable reasons why… and why they should also be the impetus for all of us to proclaim an allegiance to vintage and put it to good use in our own fashion, style and lifestyle repertoires.

Vintage has long been the holy grail of unique style for legions of independent thinkers. Daredevil style mavens who enjoy vintage's thrill of the hunt ethos and its unbeatable contributions in putting together wardrobes of unique style prowess. Those who shun fashion industry dictates as to what they should be wearing and regard them as an endless treadmill of trend bent do's and don'ts that lead one to look, be and do like everyone else.
That kind of self-determined choice is liberating. It allows for you and your own style to matter. For you to love of what you buy and wear because you do love it. And... when you love something its value in ownership and subsequent use are undeniably heighten. The most environmentally caring and sustainable wardrobe is always one that is highly regarded because its components are emotionally satisfying and will be for the long run. Love is love is love and it can/does make your style world go round and round year after year.
Be honest. What fun is there in the semi-mindless consumption of goods acquired by shopping endless rows of ubiquitous clothing items found in every store you go to or visit online? Shopping vintage is the complete opposite. A thrill of the hunt process that speaks to the excitement of endless discovery and thoughtful decision making based on emotional bonding. It means you have to be truly in the moment and engaged in your actions and choices. So, go vintage shopping. Be ready to expect the unexpected. Be open to falling in love. Revel in all that it has to offer because you can and you should. You deserve it and so does planet earth.
The best part of shopping vintage is that even though it feels self-involved, it is so not so. Vintage shopping is a great way to do good for the world, specifically planet earth, on a regular basis. To show Mother Nature that you care about her continued healthy existence and want to help constrain the maddening need for an endless stream of disposable products and the polluting effects that result from their production. Shopping vintage means reducing, reusing and recycling. As modern consumers with the potential for heightened mindfulness and conscientious living, those three things should be part of everyone's lifestyle intention… especially with regard to the ease and frequency with which they can be accomplished within the domain of fashion.
Whether we want to admit it or not, we are fast becoming a world of limited style quotient. Our work clothes blend with our play clothes, our day choices with our night and vice versa. We prefer comfort over aesthetic. We shop with immediacy, convenience and price utmost in mind rather than the desire for long term quality, value, allure, and self expressive style that once guided us. The result is a more ubiquitous way of dressing and a fashion industry struggling to meet those vapid needs.
Borrowing on the undeniable attraction of vintage as a viable resource, it comes as little surprise that the fashion industry has adopted a vintage leaning in its design, styling and branding efforts. In recent runway collections, mix and match layers of grandma chic abounded at Gucci, 80s punk and 50s housewife chic replaced the normal modern socialite vibe at Michael Kors and upcycled vintage scarves or their look-alikes were the fabric of collections at Marine Serre and Richard Quinn. Major fashion manufacturers and retailers continue to use of the word 'vintage' (vintage t-shirts, vintage jeans…) as a branding strategy for products not vintage, but simply designed with an enticing vintage aesthetic.
We say, if vintage is the hook, then why not simply shop vintage itself (for all the reasons we've listed here, of course!)
Shopping vintage… whether as the new black or not… speaks to the kind of self-reflection and conscientious consumerism we should all adopt. It gives guidance and purpose to the choices we make not only in how we shop and dress, but in how we live and what we believe in. Aren't those reasons enough to shop vintage? So, be you. Be a do-gooder. For yourself, our planet and its future... and always look fabulous while doing it.

There is your answer as to why fashion looks to its past to successfully facilitate its present and future.  CASE CLOSED… or should we say 'CLOTHES-ed'!

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