<strong>Fall 2017 | ON (NOT) BEING PERFECT<br></strong>A Word from VIA VTG VOX POP's Boss Lady

A Word from VIA VTG VOX POP's Boss Lady

It's near zero hour of VIA VTG VOX POP's (soft) launch and I couldn't help but get a last word in before we go beta live.  If you've found your way here because you have a history with V.I.A. (or me) or have heard about the site through an illusive 'in-the-know' grapevine, thank you for taking the time to visit.  In September, we will follow up with an official launch to the rest of the world, but we feel stoked at this point to simply hang with you in these early days.

I was born a Virgo perfection seeker which I consider both a blessing and a curse.  I only came to understand the true beauty of imperfection five years ago, after 50 years of fastidious living were behind me.  The inspiration for the revolutionary change in the way I saw and dealt with things were these words from the late Leonard Cohen.  I have faithfully used them as a mantra ever since, including in directing the building and launching of this site.

Though the internet has trained us to feel otherwise, things take time.  They need to find there way organically.  All true things in life, including living life itself, are a process.  One to learn and grow from.  We want that to happen here.  Our imperfections and inability to grandiosely accomplish all at once are meant to shed light and help us find our way.

We are a small company... self made, self financed.  You'll know our fingerprints are on everything we do even if you don't see them.  We may not appear slick and hyper-crafted, because, in reality, we're not.  There is enough of that altered reality on the internet.  We want to just be ourselves here.  We aren't driven by hits or likes or hearts en masse or branding ourselves in ways glamorous and digitally expected.  We like quality, not quantity, authenticity not fabrication, heartfelt support over the throws of inflated social media glory.  If you feel like-minded, welcome.  We're glad to have you join our posse.

We plan to stay true to who we are despite all the insecurities that may conjure up.  We also know that support will find us and happily bring us validation.  These words from the great Patti Smith summed up our feelings succinctly... better than we could...  so here they are...

The World According to VIA VTG VOX POP: Patti Smith on Insecurity

The World According to VIA VTG VOX POP: Patti Smith

On that note, here we go!  It's a beautiful, crisp summer morning here in NYC.  Once we click our mouse and set the site to beta live, we're going to head outside for a delightfully freeing walk... then happily head back to our desks to take care of the business of connecting with you!

The World According to VIA VTG VOX POP: Peace Out


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